This September, we were proud to have sponsored and participated in the Modesto Architecture Festival – our home city’s seventh annual exhibition and celebration of architecture and architectural design. Saturday, September 13th was a day filled with activities and exhibits geared towards exciting youth interest in the art and science of engineering.

At the Justin W. Capp booth, eager kids rose to the challenge of building structures to survive earthquakes and high winds – only the buildings they constructed were made of spaghetti noodle frames held together with nothing but marshmallows! Once the intrepid designers had their prototype designs, they had the opportunity to test the structure’s stability and endurance on our very own shake table and wind tunnel; two fun experimental tools designed and built by Justin Capp and family. Kids had the chance to try new ideas for themselves, ask questions of our engineers Justin Capp and Jeff Camarena, and learn a little about the geometry behind architectural design, the behavior of structures during seismic and wind events… and just how important the choice of building materials really is!